Textiles and Webbing

 Airbag fabric for many technical purposes

Autoliv has an experience in the manufacturing of high strength, heat and flame resistant woven fabric for airbags. Our specialty textiles and webbing can be custom produced for different technical applications. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Airbag Textiles and Webbing

Autoliv manufactures high-quality airbag textiles and webbings for the automotive industry.

Airbags are designed to protect the body from impacts with hard moving objects. They are built with specialty textiles, and woven fabrics, capable of resisting forces resulting from the high-pressure gas inflating the airbag, and the impact of heavy objects on the airbag. Airbag fabrics need to be both impermeable and heat resistant to high pressure and temperature propellant gases.

Other applications

Autoliv’s airbag fabric can have diverse inflatable and non-inflatable applications, where there is a need for high-strength, impermeable and heat-resistant fabrics.

We have found that there is an increasing demand for our woven fabric, and we have started to work on industrial applications ranging from wearables to aerospace and the military. We are aware of the broad diverse potential of our materials and we are open to discussing producing them to your requirements.

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