Key Behaviors and Ways of Working

Inspired by our vision to Save More Lives

More Lives Saved. More Life Lived  

Few companies make products that save lives – products that make the difference between life and death. Autoliv does. It is a privilege, purpose, performance indicator and source of inspiration.  It is why we exist.  What a reason to go to work every day!


Our purpose is our guide

Our people share a passion: to save more lives through innovation -- working together to sustainably transform the standards of mobility safety

The purpose of our work is with us every day. We want to save more lives and make mobility safer for everyone. It is personal.  It affects us, our families and everyone we care about.  The next life we save could be one of theirs.

Our ways of working make Saving More Lives possible

It is easy to overlook an individual’s role in making a difference. However, we believe that the positive contributions made by each and every colleague are crucial to achieve our vision. When everyone pulls in the same direction, the impact is enormous. Successful ways of working are about inspiring collaboration, using the perspectives of others, sharing knowledge and insights. We are challenging and re-defining current safety standards to create market first solutions.

 Key Behaviors

As the industry market leader, what we do matters. Our desired Key Behaviors express the essence of our ways of working.  They define how we strive to achieve success together with colleagues, customers and partners.

Take Ownership

It starts with me
  • We ask “What can I do?”
  • We go to the place where the work is done
  • We treat each other fairly and respectfully
  • We show consistency between words and actions
  • We play fair and by the rules

Add Value

I make sure value is delivered to my customers
  • We bring the customers’ point of view into decisions
  • We care about the end result
  • We consider the whole value chain
  • We align activities with objectives.


I give and seek support
  • We leverage the team and the organization
  • We ask “Who can help and how can I help?”
  • We share good and bad We empower others
  • We seek and give feedback regularly

Make it easy

I keep it focused and simple
  • We make conscious efforts to minimize complexity
  • We clarify expectations
  • We share purpose and context
  • We think ahead to prevent issues

Be Curious

I explore better ways to do things


  • We ask questions to understand others
  • We challenge the established way of doing things
  • We eliminate the real root cause through robust problem solving
  • We seek best practice and innovative ways to improve