Annual Stockholders Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting was held on May 10, 2022.

Annual General Meeting of Stockholders

The Company’s 2022 Annual General Meeting of Stockholders (AGM) voted for approval of the following proposals:

  • The election of Mikael Bratt, Laurie Brlas, Jan Carlson, Hasse Johansson, Leif Johansson, Franz-Josef Kortüm, Frédéric Lissalde, Min Liu, Xiaozhi Liu, Martin Lundstedt, and Thaddeus “Ted” Senko as directors of the Board for a one-year term ending at the 2023 AGM;
  • The non-binding, advisory resolution to approve the Company’s 2021 executive compensation for its named executive officers; and
  • The ratification of the appointment of Ernst & Young AB as the Company’s independent auditing firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022.

Committees of the Board

At the Board meeting, the Board approved the membership of its standing committees as follows:

  • Audit and Risk Committee:
    Ted Senko (Chair), Laurie Brlas, Hasse Johansson, and Min Liu  
  • Leadership Development and Compensation Committee:
    Frédéric Lissalde (Chair), Leif Johansson, Xiaozhi Liu, and Martin Lundstedt 
  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee:
    Leif Johansson (Chair), Laurie Brlas, Franz-Josef Kortüm, and Frédéric Lissalde


The Board resolved that Jan Carlson is an independent director and continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board.