Risk Management

The Company is exposed to several categories of risks. They can broadly be categorized as operational risks, strategic risks and financial risks.

Some of the major risks in each category are described below. There are also other risks that could have a material effect on the Company’s results and financial position and the description below is not complete but should be read in conjunction with the discussion of risks in our 10-K filed with the SEC, which contains a description of our material risks.

The Company has taken several mitigating actions, applied many strategies, adopted policies, and introduced control and reporting systems to reduce and mitigate these risks. In addition, the Company from time to time identifies and evaluates emerging or changed risks to the Company in order to ensure that identified risk and related risk management are updated in this fast moving environment.

Operational Risks

  • Pricing Pressure
  • Light Vehicle Production
  • Component Costs
  • Product Warranty and Recalls
  • Environmental
  • Legal Proceedings

Strategic Risks

  • Regulations
  • Dependence on Customers
  • Customer Payment Risks
  • Dependence on Suppliers
  • New Competition
  • Patents and Proprietary Technology

Financial Risks

  • Currency Risks
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Refinancing Risk
  • Credit Risk in Financial Markets
  • Impairment risk