Our Research

Exploring all aspects of traffic safety 

A holistic research approach

Approximately 1.35 million vehicle occupants and road users die in traffic accidents each year. Autoliv has set a target of saving 100,000 lives, and our research into all aspects of increasing traffic safety is aligned with UN SDGs and the multi-national road traffic safety project Vision Zero 

Traffic Safety Analysis

We analyze what is happening on the roads today, how current safety systems perform in real-life traffic, and how to design safety systems for the future  

Human Factors

Our research spans everything from road-user behavior to usage of safety systems and comfort. Vehicle sensing capabilities are also incorporated 


Using human body modelling, evaluating new crash test dummies, and collaborating with biomechanical experts, we identify guiding principles for occupant protection solutions 

A truly cross-disciplinary research and development approach

Our research teams work with a horizon of around ten years. They look directly at what is going on in the world of mobility, using real data to challenge and re-define the standards of mobility safety.

Our research provides important insights, based on real-life data, which our development teams can use to create new leading safety solutions as well as to continuously improve existing solutions. By spreading these insights throughout the organization, we build a shared innovative spirit and fully utilize our knowledge to best meet the needs of our customers.

Autoliv real live safety