From current leadership to future success 

Building on a strong foundation

Building from our industry-leading position, we are providing world-class safety systems for mobility and society whilst transforming our operations for electrification and autonomous driving, as well as digitalization and automation across the value chain 

Recent Success Highlights

Market Development:

New product launches

Strengthening EV and plug-in-hybrid EV exposure

Adjacent market development, now organized in Mobility Safety Solutions (MSS)


Encompassing safety for multi-modal mobility and society

New passive safety solutions

Commercializing market firsts

Collaborating with the Piaggio Group


Contributing to UN SDG

Supporting UNRSF

Commitment to carbon neutral by 2030

Approved Science Based Targets

Collaboration with SSAB

Outstanding employees:

Establishing Autoliv “Smart Start Playbook”, based on guidelines from WHO and CDC

Tailoring to local sites to address specific scenarios

Autoliv’s Strategic Plan

The Autoliv Strategic Direction is structured along the dimensions of Customer Focus, Sustainable Growth, Flawless Execution and Build a Winning Team. Underpinning our strategy is a long-term commitment to sustainable business and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Customer Focus

Customer Focus is built on Commercial Excellence, Brand Strength and Sustainability 

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth is built on Quality leadership, Innovation leadership and Adjacent business growth 

Flawless Execution

Flawless execution is built on Product & Process management, RD&E effectiveness, Supply chain excellence and Benchmark manufacturing 

Build a Winning Team

Build a Winning Team is built on Employee Development, Health and Safety, Diversity, Labor rights