Shaping tomorrow’s automotive market 

New horizons in mobility

The automotive industry is experiencing an intensive phase of transformation as it responds to global megatrends. Autoliv’s leading safety systems can create the confidence to embrace the new horizons in mobility that will define the market of tomorrow.

 Global megatrends

Global megatrends, such as Climate and Sustainability, Shifting Demographics – age, lifestyle and consumption patterns - and Geopolitical risks are driving automotive trends which will shape our future transport system 

Our Saving More Lives vision underpins our response

Our approach to real-life safety will deliver market-leading safety solutions to emerging needs throughout the entire mobility chain. Creating the confidence for all road users to embrace the new horizons in mobility 

With our vision and our stated target to save over 100,000 lives each year by 2030, Autoliv people will continue to challenge and redefine the standards of mobility safety to sustainably deliver leading solutions for the market of tomorrow