Financial Targets

2021 Financials in Summary

In the medium term, we intend to continue to grow our core business – airbags, seatbelts and steering wheels – through successful execution of the current product launch programs and strong order book. We are also investing in capabilities beyond the light vehicle markets, which we organize in Mobility Safety Solutions.
Continuous improvement remains a cornerstone of Autoliv’s ongoing efforts to leverage growth into higher profitability.

2022 at a Glance

net sales
adjusted operating margin
cash conversion
operating cash flow
organic sales growth

Financial and Sustainability Targets

Autoliv’s ability to consistently outperform market growth is rooted in a steady flow of new safety technologies, a strong focus on quality and a superior production and engineering footprint. Our strategic roadmap, business priorities and targets reflect the growing demand for traffic safety and a strong belief that the need for our products will continue to grow.

Our focus is on visible near-term and sustainable long-term growth, profitability improvement and over-the-cycle resilience, cash flow generation for shareholder returns and a strong balance sheet and prudent leverage policy.  

We have set short- and long-term sustainability targets in the key areas to make sure we measure and manage our negative impacts and maximize our positive impacts 

Key tartet growth 2022
Autoliv Key Targets & Ambition: Profitability