Corporate Policies

Guidelines and codes 

 Corporate policies

Autoliv’s corporate governance is subject primarily to U.S. federal and state regulations as well as the rules and standards of the NYSE. In addition, the Company has Swedish Depository Receipts traded on the NASDAQ OMX.  

In compliance and conjunction with applicable government regulations and NYSE standards, the Company has approved the following guidelines and codes: 

  • Corporate Governance Guidelines 
  • Autoliv Code of Conduct 
  • Related Person Transaction Reporting and Approval Policy 


Policies which support a culture of integrity

These documents serve to assist the Board in the exercise of its responsibilities and creation of a culture of integrity. They reflect the Board’s commitment to monitor the effectiveness of policy and decision making both at the Board and management level. The Board views corporate governance as an integral part of the basic operations of the Company, with a view to supporting long-term sustainable growth in stockholder value. The Board and its committees will continue to evaluate the effectiveness and sufficiency of these policies, and will refine and improve them over time.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Designed to strengthen the oversight of management by the Board of Directors and serve the long-term interest of both shareholders and employees 

Autoliv Code of Conduct

Employees, regardless of position or location, should  understand and continue our tradition of maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards 

Related Person Transaction Reporting and Approval Policy

The Company maintains a Related Person Transactions Policy consistent with recommended practices and standards 

From Code of Conduct

From Certificate and Bylaws

Our current Certificate of Incorporation (DE) and Bylaws can be found below.