Objective and Guidelines 

Long-term stakeholder value

Autoliv’s overall objective requires effective corporate governance with an appropriate organizational structure, systems for internal control and risk management and transparency.

Autoliv Inc. is a publicly traded corporation incorporated in Delaware, U.S., with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Autoliv’s corporate governance is subject primarily to U.S. federal and state regulations as well as the rules and standards of the NYSE. The company has Swedish Depository Receipts traded on NASDAQ in Stockholm.


In compliance and conjunction with applicable government regulations and NYSE standards, the company has approved the following guidelines and codes:

Comparison of Swedish Code on Corporate Governance with U.S. Rules and Practice 

These documents serve to assist the Board in exercising its responsibilities and creating of a culture of integrity, and reflect the Board’s commitment to monitoring the effectiveness of policies and decision-making at both the Board and management level. The Board views corporate governance as an integral part of the basic operations of the company, with a view to supporting long-term sustainable growth in shareholder value. The Board and its committees will continue to evaluate the effectiveness and sufficiency of these policies, and will refine and improve them over time.

Swedish companies with shares admitted to trading on a regulated market in Sweden are subject to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Swedish Code”). A non-Swedish company listed in Sweden can elect to either apply the Swedish Code or the corresponding local rules and codes where the company’s shares are also listed or where the company has its registered office. As a Delaware corporation with its primary listing on the NYSE, Autoliv is expected to elect to apply and comply with U.S. corporate governance rules and standards, including the Delaware General Corporation Law, the rules and standards of the NYSE and SEC rules and regulations.