Growing with Autoliv

Investing in your development and growth 

Continuous journey of personal growth

Our position as the global leader in our industry has been driven by our people’s breadth of expertise and uncompromising passion for saving lives. Autoliv offers an inspiring journey of continuous personal development and growth, collaborating on challenging projects and break-through innovation.

Employee Development

At Autoliv, we value employee development and growth.  To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and competitive environment we all need to grow and develop new capabilities.  Autoliv offers continuous development through partnerships, challenging work, opportunities to innovate, and development programs.  Additionally, we support growth through the creation of  an attractive workplace, providing a collaborative and positive work environment where we focus on performance, tackle challenges and achieve great things together.  Feedback and individual support is part of how we work, and 99% of employees participate in the annual Performance & Development Dialog.  To  further support the growth of our employees, we have a multitude of development channels, including facilitated and self-paced development programs, technical and specialist career paths, international assignments and Early Career Development programs.

Performance and development dialog

Our electronic Performance and Development Dialog enables greater mutual understanding to support enhanced performance and continuous development

Development programs

Our programs target the unique learning needs at different career stages and range from technical and functional training to leadership skills 

Career path

Our colleagues have freedom to develop their careers. We strive to help them make the best career choices to leverage their skills and passions

Encouraging mobility

We encourage job rotation and mobility, for example across functions. We undertake short and long-term international assignments and exchange programs