Committed to creating a safer society

Innovating in New Areas

We are designing products that will protect people in the future multi-modal transport system. To do this, we are combining our core competence and innovation expertise to make market-leading products for new market areas as well as our traditional passive safety for light vehicles

Autonomous delivery vehicles

Autoliv and Nuro are collaborating to ensure a high safety standard for the delivery of Nuro’s new third-generation, production-grade autonomous vehicle 

Motorized two-wheelers

The airbag system for powered two-wheelers is mounted on the vehicle frame and will deploy in milliseconds, for greater rider safety 

Electrical battery vehicles

The Pyrotechnic Safety Switches disconnect the high-voltage battery before a short-circuit can occur as a result of vehicle deformation in a crash 

Airbag inflators for non-automotive

We develop, manufacture and sell non-automotive inflator applications e.g. inflatable jackets for motorcyclists and avalanche airbag backpacks for skiers 

Vulnerable road users

Cars can be equipped with Pedestrian Airbags or Active Hood Lifters, protecting the road user with an outside airbag or using the hood as a cushion