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 Autoliv is recognized as the industry’s foremost leader in airbag manufacturing technology. Even in today’s high-tech vehicles, airbags provide added safety protection and work best in combination with seatbelts.

Driver and passenger airbags provides an energy-absorbing cushion between the vehicle's occupants and the steering wheel, instrument panel and windshield. The driver airbag reduces fatalities in frontal crashes by approximately 25% (for belted drivers) and reduces serious head injuries by over 60%. The passenger airbag reduces fatalities in frontal crashes by approximately 20% (for belted occupants).

Front center airbag can prevent front-row passengers from colliding with each other during side impacts. The airbag deploys in the space between the driver and passenger seats and offers protection in far-side collisions.

Knee airbags, which deploy from a vehicle’s lower dashboard, distribute the impact forces on an occupant's legs, thereby reducing leg and knee injuries. Additionally, they are designed to control the movement of the occupant so that the driver and passenger airbags can provide optimal protection.

Side airbags are usually located in the seat, and inflate between the occupant and the door. These airbags reduce the risk of chest injuries by approximately 25%. With dual-chamber side airbags, both the pelvis and the chest areas are protected which further reduces the risk of serious injuries in side-impact crashes..

Side-curtain Airbags deploy from the roof line above the side window to provide cushioning between the occupants' heads and the window or incoming hard objects. These airbags reduce the risk of life-threatening head injuries in side impacts by approximately 50%.